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SEO: these 10 tools are worth trying


Ahrefs, Screamingfrog, MOZ and Majestic. For every online marketer, these are well-known SEO tools that are used daily for analyzing websites. They are also good tools for analyzing a website for technology, content and backlinks. However, by using other tools you can make a more complete analysis. In this article I share which 10 SEO tools are useful to give a try in 2019.

1. Technical tools

Fast website loading time, good design and mobile friendly are important for the user-friendliness of the website. A delay of just one second can already result in 7% less conversion . 

Although only slow websites are punished by Google and a fast website is not rewarded, the loading time is therefore not directly a ranking factor for SEO. For conversions, it is important to have a fast website loading time.

You can use useful technical tools to improve website technology. Technical tools that you certainly should not miss in 2019 are Deepcrawl, Netpeak, Varvy SEO tool and Google Pagespeed Insights. I explain them below.


Deepcrawl is a very good SEO tool to analyze and optimize your website. With Deepcrawl you can see per page whether a page has the correct H1 or H2 and whether each page has a strong meta description . With DeepCrawl you can also analyze whether all URLs are still working and whether there are incorrect redirects. Below a screenshot of broken pages found by Deepcrawl.

deepcrawl - broken pages

Broken pages in Deepcrawl

Netpeak is a perfect tool for checking and improving a SEO website. The Netpeak spider crawls all URLs of a website and indicates what needs to be improved. These can be simple improvements such as changing H1 or H2, but also technical aspects that you yourself will not soon discover.

Netpeak also advises on design and content. Handy if you yourself have little knowledge of these important SEO topics.

Varvy SEO Tool

Varvy SEO tool is a free tool that analyzes the technical aspects of a website that are important for SEO within seconds. Think of whether a website is suitable for mobile devices, whether the website is https, the Google Bot has access to the website, the images have an Alt text and whether a robots.txt file is present.

Varvy SEO tool is a simple tool and not as extensive as other technical tools. However, the tool can be extremely useful if you want a quick analysis of a website for important SEO aspects. Below is a part of the analysis that Varvy SEO tool does (Frankwatching taken as an example):

Varvy SEO tool

Analysis Varvy SEO tool

Google Pagespeed Insights

Google Pagespeed Insights is a free tool that you should definitely use in 2019. Pagespeed insights analyzes your website and you have a technical analysis within seconds. The tool gives a speed score of 0 to 100. Here, 0-49 is slow, 50-89 on average and 90-100 fast.

Google Pagespeed Insights

Google Pagespeed Insights

In addition to this score, the tool also indicates where there is room for improvement on the website. Improving these points will speed up the loading of the pages. For example, the advice may be that images should be in a different format or that you should remove sources that block viewing.

Handy tips that you would not think about quickly and that improve the speed of the website. See below an example of what the recommendations of Google Pagespeed Insights look like.

Recommendations Google Pagespeed Insights

Recommendations Google Pagespeed Insights

2. Content tools

The technology of a website can still be so good, if no good content is written, a website will not score well in the search engines. These content tools help you write good and valuable content.

Site liner

Siteliner is a free all-in-1 SEO tool. Especially for content marketing it is a very suitable tool. A big advantage of Siteliner is that it indicates in percent how much duplicate content you have over the entire website. Siteliner also shows what word combinations often occur on a website. Too many keywords and duplicate content is very harmful to SEO .

You put the website you want to analyze in the bar and Siteliner analyzes the entire website within a few minutes. You can see at which URL there is duplicate content. Siteliner also indicates how a website that you analyze scores compared to other websites. Consider the number of words per page, text to HTML ratio and internal links per page. See below what that will look like:

Siteliner analysis

Siteliner analysis


With the help of Buzzsumo you can see which content on a certain topic is most shared on social media. This way you find out what a popular article is in the topic that you want to write about. You can use this information and process it in your own content. As an example, the image below looks for the topic ‘online marketing’.

Search in Buzzsumo

Search in Buzzsumo

Content King

Although ContentKing is already used by many SEO people, it is a tool that you should not forget in 2019. ContentKing analyzes the URL and indicates points for improvement. By applying these points for improvement, the URL is easier to find in the search engines.

What distinguishes this tool from other content tools is that it also analyzes the technical foundations of a website. ContentKing analyzes the website 24/7 and you will receive an email if problems are detected. This way you can act adequately so that these problems will not have major consequences for the website. View a page below that has been analyzed by ContentKing.

ContentKing analysis

ContentKing analysis

3. Backlink tools

You can use backlink tools to analyze the backlink profile of your website and to get ideas to get good links. This allows you to see the value of a website that refers to you and whether it is, for example, a follow or no follow link. It is also important that you find out on which keyword opportunities lie, use keyword analysis tools for this .

Raven tools

Raven is an all-in-1 SEO tool. The tool uses data from MOZ, Majestic, Google and Bing. This allows you to do perfect research with Raven into data about keywords or competition. In addition, with Raven you can identify links that link to your website and categorize them by authority, anchor text and the type of link.

With Raven you can also detect no-follow-links. You can analyze keywords based on zip code. As a result, you not only know what ranks in your area, but also in another city or province. Since more and more keywords have been locally oriented since 2017, this is a very useful specification of Raven. With Raven you can also see if there is a local trend on a keyword in a certain period and what the local competition is on a keyword. View an example below with the keywords ‘online marketer’.

Analysis Raven tool

Analysis Raven tool


Sistrix is an all-in-1 tool and comparable to Ahrefs. The German company Sistrix has a huge amount of data that can be used to analyze websites. Many other backlink tools do not have that much data. With Sistrix you can see how many external links refer to a website and how many different domains these links come from.

Sistrix also provides ideas for keywords that may be of interest to a website. For Sistrix, I looked at Frankwatching’s backlink profile (below the dashboard overview). You can also view the link history, anchor texts, broken links and the country where the link comes from. By using Sistrix you have a clear picture of the backlink profile of your website.

Analysis Sisstrix

Analysis Sisstrix

SEO powersuite

With SEO powersuite you can keep track of keyword rankings, track and find links and view the total backlink profile clearly. With SEO powersuite you can also see the number of links that refer to a website and are do-follow-links.

SEO Powersuite is also a good tool to find out which keywords have a lot of volume and how difficult it is to score well on a keyword.

What distinguishes SEO powersuite from other all-in-1 tools is that it is cheaper to use and that the SEO Spyglass (new SEO powersuite backlink tool) has the most up-to-date index. With the SEO powersuite you can also make a penalty risk analysis . This is often not possible with other tools. View below what such an analysis looks like:

Analysis of SEO powersuite

Analysis of SEO powersuite

SEO in 2019, which tool do you use?

Find the right tools that work best for you. But do not always ‘hang’ in the same possibilities. That way you are constantly working on new tools and you continue to develop yourself. Ultimately, you will also score better in the search engines and you will leave the competition behind. Do you have other handy SEO tools to use in 2019?

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