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the 21 best free SEO tools


We all want the best, fastest and most findable website. But we want to pay as little as possible for this to get the highest possible return from search engine optimization. These free SEO tools can help you with this.

The times when SEO consisted of placing a few keywords in the right places are over. These days, search engine optimization has become much more complex. The balance between the structure of the website, external links and content must be right to achieve the highest possible position in the search results of search engines such as Google.

Fortunately for us online marketers, dozens of useful free tools and software packages have been developed. Especially for those of us with a limited budget you will find here – in my eyes – the 21 best free SEO tools, divided into different SEO categories. Do you have other favorite tools? Then place it in a response at the bottom of this article!

SEO audit of your website

The first step in optimizing any website is to perform an SEO audit. This audit focuses, among other things, on user-friendliness, the extent to which the website matches Google’s preferences and looks at external factors such as websites that link to your domain.

You can do a light version of an audit yourself by analyzing personally relevant data. This includes information obtained from Google Analytics or the Search Console, but existing landing pages are also needed to arrive at a judgment.

To save time and to get a more accurate picture of website strengths and weaknesses, marketers use tools to perform SEO audits. Below you will find the (in my eyes) best free SEO tools for SEO audits.

Varvy SEO Tool

The first tool in this list compares websites with Google’s preferences. The tool shows where the errors are and how you can solve them, so that Google will reward your website with a higher position in the search results.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Unlike the Varvy tool, the Screaming Frog SEO Spider can not be used from the browser, but the software must be downloaded and installed before you can get started. This tool also helps you to improve the on-page optimization of your website. Free version lets you scan 500 URLs for free.

At least three-quarters of all searches are done from mobile devices.

Google’s Mobile Friendly Test

SEO & SEA: certified expert in 5 days

Pay attention to marketers and communication specialists! Do you want to make your website easier to find? Follow a courseKnowing more?At least three-quarters of all searches are done from mobile devices. Make sure your website is compatible on all these devices, not just on iOS or Android. 

Google helps online marketers with the Mobile Friendly Test . Not only does this tool help you gain insight into the visibility of your website on mobile devices, it also provides tips on how you can improve the user experience .

PageSpeed ​​Insights

Another handy tool from Google that makes it a lot easier for us is PageSpeed ​​Insights . This gives you a score for the speed of your website. Google would not be Google if they did not provide a list of points for improvement, use that to easily improve the SEO score of your website!

SEO Site Checkup (one free check per day)

Most tools (rightly) spit out a whole body of information during a search. Use SEO SiteCheckup if you want to identify and solve specific problems.

Keyword research

Before the first letter of a landing page can be typed, research must be done into relevant keywords. Search engine optimization in 2019 no longer consists of using only one keyword per page. Smart marketers respond to this by using different keywords, in order to spread their chances and to be able to write a strong landing page. Before you can get started with creating content you do research, but which tools do you use for this?

Hammers in a row workbench

Google’s Tools

The search engine is here to help us. After all, well-optimized websites are readable and user-friendly, so that the readers of these pages have a great experience. Google therefore benefits from being able to show qualitative results on the results page. Two handy tools from the company that help with this are the Keyword Planner and Google Trends.

The Keyword Planner helps you to add new relevant keywords to the existing selection of keywords. In addition, you will see monthly search frequency of these words, the competition and the CPC if you let go of Google Ads.

Google Trends combines keywords with locations but also with other keywords. This way you can see in which parts of the Netherlands, Europe or the world your keywords are popular in a certain period.

But Google’s keyword research tools have been overtaken by tools from other companies. These tools are, I think, more useful because they provide more information about the keywords.

Below are three great free tools for keyword research.


Answer the questions related to your keywords using AnswerThePublic . Enter the keyword of your choice and you will get handy clear diagrams with relevant questions. This way you can create content in which you answer the questions of your target group as well as possible

KW Finder

This tool gives the option to easily select a language and region of your choice. With this you can easily find local keywords. KW Finder also displays the CPC, PPC and SEO difficulty.


The last tool in the keyword list is Ubersuggest . The results of the websites correspond with the keywords that Google Suggest provides. Ubersuggest is therefore used to find additional and relevant keywords. You can also download a list with additional examples per keyword.

Content creation

The first tools helped us solve technical problems on the site so that the website can be optimized to Google’s preferences. The second set of tools helped in finding keywords. The next step in the process is creating unique content that attracts visitors to your website. The following tools can help you with this.

Yoast SEO

If you work with WordPress and are not too technical, the Yoast SEO plugin is a solution. Since 2008, the Dutch plug-in has been helping marketers achieve better results with less effort. This is how the plugin helps you:

  • Generate an XML sitemap.
  • Add and manage crumb paths.
  • Personalize a URL.
  • Manage title and meta descriptions.
  • Writing SEO texts.

The free version of the plugin offers many options. A must have for marketers who work in WordPress.


Who says content, says BuzzSumo . This tool helps you research content and competition. Enter a keyword and BuzzSumo tells you how often the relevant pages are shared on which social media channels and more.


Does the SEO audit of your site tell you that the speed at which the website loads can increase somewhat? A factor with a lot of influence on this speed is the size of the images on your website. They do not need to be uploaded in the optimum resolution at all. Use Squoosh to reduce the size of your images and improve the SEO score of your website.


This tool is for all creatives who are not that handy with Photoshop. Canva helps you to easily create slick images and infographics for unique content. You do not need design skills to use this software. Multiple people can also work together on one design.

Photo editing on the laptop

Spelling and grammar checker

Unfortunately Grammarly is not yet available in languages ​​other than English. The tool has been created for those who write in English and who have problems with spelling, punctuation and grammar. Grammarly works as a Word spell checker, but then in your browser. Just like in Word you can add your own words to the vocabulary of Grammarly. 

In addition, Grammarly sends you weekly emails with information about your type of behavior: how many words you type each week, how many mistakes you make, how many unique words you use. Perhaps even more interesting: Grammarly also compares these statistics with other users so that you can compare your writing skills with those of your competition.

Those who write in Dutch can benefit from the text check at

Those who write in Dutch can benefit from the text check at . This works for Dutch texts and checks them for grammar, spelling and style errors. Unfortunately no plugin that can be downloaded, texts must be copied and pasted manually.

Link building

The tools discussed so far mainly help you with on-page optimization. But this is only part of a strong SEO strategy. A large part of the authority that gives Google a page is determined by the links from external, relevant websites.

 Please note, a relevant page yields more than a page that has nothing to do with your field of work. For example, a personal trainer has more references from gyms than online marketers.

When developing a link building strategy, it is important to measure the authority of other parties.

When developing a link building strategy, it is important to measure the authority of other parties. The greater this authority, the more your site benefits from a link from this site to you. Below you will find an overview of four free link building tools for a more efficient way of link building.


In addition to great paid SEO software, Moz has also released the free MozBar . This browser extension easily provides valuable information that you can certainly use when linking. This way you get the authority score for each website that Moz gives to the page and to the domain. Use this to compare your site with competitors or to find interesting sites for link building. For now only available for Google Chrome.


The second tool from the link building list helps you to identify the backlinks to a certain domain. OpenLinkProfiler displays a well-arranged diagram containing the number of unique links to the website, the number of links to the homepage, the number of dofollow links and the LIS, the Link Influence Score.

 I’d rather use Google Analytics for my own websites, but use it for competing websites. You can easily see how many websites link to the website and you can also see which these are. Maybe you can get inspiration from the websites that link to competing websites for your own link building strategy.


Another great extension for Chrome users. Hunter makes collecting e-mail addresses child’s play. Stop sending link requests to info @ e-mail addresses and find the right person with Hunter. The extension scans websites for e-mail addresses and shows which page the addresses were found on. Make sure your mail reaches the right person with Hunter.


Ahrefs offers great paid tools for SEO. Fortunately for us, the company has also put a free backlink checker online. This tool not only shows the pages that link to the completed website, Ahrefs also displays the Domain Rating and URL Rating of these pages.

Nowadays everything must be able to be formulated SMART. The results of an SEO campaign are of course also part of this.

Rank Tracking

Nowadays everything must be able to be formulated SMART. The results of an SEO campaign are of course also part of this. It helps you to gain insight into developments regarding the position of your pages in Google. Clients can also be kept clearly informed of the improvements within the ranking of their websites.

Manually searching for specific keywords is not advisable. This is because the search results that Google shows you depend on your location and search history. It is also simply much more work to check everything manually. 

To gain an independent insight into the position of websites and pages in Google’s SERP, marketers use rank trackers . Most rank tracking tools cannot be used for free, but to help you one step further you will find a free rank tracking tool here.

Nightwatch Search Simulator

This extension for Google Chrome simulates searches from anywhere in the world and gives you the position of your websites (and those of your competition) in the SERP. Own pages and links can easily be stored in the extension to easily keep an eye on the ranking.

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