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This way you will be found better in Bing: 3 tips


When it comes to SEO, Bing is sometimes forgotten. A shame, because it pays to also optimize for the Microsoft search engine. So: 3 tips for better findability in Bing!

The share of Google in search in the Netherlands is 89.33% for desktop and 97.83% for mobile. It is therefore logical when it comes to website optimization to focus on this search engine. But there are certainly reasons that make it interesting to also optimize for Bing! Such as:

  1.      Lower competition
  2.      Higher target conversion ratio
  3.      More specific target group

Bing is a search engine where the target conversion ratio is on average 19.37% higher compared to Google. This is mainly because the largest number of visitors to Bing has a purchase intention. This makes it interesting in itself to make your website easier to find in Bing’s search results. (To be able to follow your online findability in Bing, it is advisable to use Bing Webmaster Tools .)

Tip 1. Social signals

Signals from social media channels play a role for Bing-SEO. This is because Bing sees social signals as a ranking factor . The more signals (likes, shares and clicks) that are sent to the website via channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Snapchat, the more authority the website seems to contain according to Bing’s algorithm.

According to this research, brand-related signals are very strongly assessed by Bing. Search engine optimization for Bing can be directly related to your branding strategy. So how do you optimize the social signals for Bing? I’ll explain.

How do you optimize the social signals for Bing?

In Bing’s search results, articles and pages with a lot of social signals, referrals and clicks from, for example, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are better rated, because visitors have already shown interest via the social media channels. 

With the BuzzSumo tool you can measure which content is doing well on social media. For example, we see that ranks at position one on the keyword ‘Monopoly cheaters edition’ and that the page has received 6,200 times an action from visitors via Facebook. These are many social signs that a search engine like Bing can recognize as a compliment to the webpage.

To receive more signals from social media channels you must do the following:

  •        Create qualitative and interesting content for your target group
  •        Ensure interaction with your target group
  •        Make sure your Open Graph and Twitter Cards are set up correctly
  •        Link from your social media posts to the relevant page on the website

The more ‘ambassadors’ your page has, the better Bing seems to interpret the relevance and value of your content.

Two screens Bing laptop

Tip 2. Increase the number of backlinks

While the relevance and the naturalness of backlinks are important to Google, the number of backlinks is important to Bing. For a good and natural link profile I always recommend finding a balance in the following types of links:

  •        Homepage links
  •        Partner page links
  •        In-content links
  •        Image links
  •        Nofollow links
  •        Dofollow links

Bing is looking for a good balance between quality and quantity. It is therefore good for Bing to place many high-quality links. But when assessing the quality of the backlinks, this search engine is lagging behind Google and the number of backlinks is therefore still very important to rank better in the search engine results of Bing.

Google indexes as many forms of content as possible where Bing will remove pages from the index without authority. The number of referring domains and backlinks is therefore very important for Bing-SEO.

How do you do this?

By following the following steps you can improve the authority of a page or website for Bing:

  •        Place targeted backlinks to specific pages
  •        Use exact and long-tail keywords, and vary them
  •        Provide relevant on-page content on the page you refer to
  •        Place links on websites with a large link profile
  •        Place links on domains with .gov, .org and .edu extensions
  •        Avoid link farms
  •        Post about 20 new backlinks per month. This way you have less chance of a penalty from Google and you can build the authority for Bing.

A study by Link Assistant shows that 20 is a healthy number of backlinks where the chance of Google penalties is very small. At the same time you boost the authority for Bing . (Via this link you can read how Bing thinks about link building itself.)

My tip: with good and relevant content, other websites will place links to your website faster on their own. We are then talking about a natural structure of the link profile.

Tip 3. Use visual and local content

Bing is more geared to visual content such as images, videos and infographics than Google.

‘Google favors speedy page loads and text-based content, and can’t index Flash-based websites; Bing likes visual content and media-heavy sites, and can crawl video, audio, images, and Flash sites. ‘

Bing is also interesting in terms of audio for good findability. With original media and good HTML elements such as an alt text, title and description, your visual content is quickly included in the Bing rankings.

In addition to properly assessing the visual aspects of content, Bing is also sensitive to local SEO. With Bing Places for Business (not yet rolled out in the Netherlands) you can further highlight the content and increase your local findability.

So don’t just focus your SEO work on Google, but also look at the possibilities within the Bing search engine. Here are also opportunities for your website!

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