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A bot is a a series of automation conversations that can answer common questions from your customers over Facebook Messenger. This could be to explain what your product or service does, gather information, or deliver helpful content.
Every day it’s becoming harder to reach your audience. People open less email and social media is so noisy your organic reach is often about 10% of your audience. Facebook Messenger bots solve this problem by providing personalized and automated conversations with your customers. It is real-time, interactive, and has 80% open rates.
Our bots allow you to welcome new users, send them content, schedule messages, automatically respond to specific keywords, automatically broadcast your RSS feed and much more.
You’ll need an existing Facebook Page and administrator rights to manage it. After that you login into our site and than click on import in menu. After that click on login with Facebook, now your page data is imported to our website.

Answer: While you need a Facebook Page to get started, Your Delaatbusinessbot is not restricted to be used only with customers on your Facebook page. Anywhere your customers can click a link – your Website, in an email, etc., you can launch the Delaatbusiness bot and start a conversation. However, all conversations occur within the Facebook Messenger app.
Messenger is quickly becoming the most important & hot marketing channel. Facebook is giving more priority on messenger bot marketing rather than on posting. Business Insider predicts that in 2020 80% of businesses will have a chatbot. Research also shows that 85% of customer interactions will be managed without an human in 2020.
E-mail marketing has maintained one of the highest levels of popularity for engagement, but the open rates for E-mail messages are only around 21%. With the Chatbot, your average open rates are of 80% because you don’t have to deal with spam related issues.
Your bot can send, images, text, videos, CTA buttons, links, carousels, Lists, and slideshows.
A pre-recorded live video is a video that you can record prior to the date that you want the video to be live on Facebook. With Delaatbusiness you can record videos and schedule a later date for the video to be streamed as a live video on Facebook.
Live videos are typically placed at top of new feeds. Your Facebook fans will get a notification of your live videos. Live videos get way more views and comments.

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